Gutters are Important for Phoenix, AZ Desert Homes

Gutters are installed onto roofing systems of houses to manage rainwater run off. Rainwater from the roof is collected in the gutters and channeled down through the downspouts.

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Gutters also need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Aside from rain, gutters also easily collect dust, dirt, and debris that can clog the waterways. It is not impossible to finds birds’ nests and insect infestation in the darker nooks and corners of gutters. In order for your gutter to work efficiently, it should always be in top condition. Clogged gutters can result to roof and gutter damages, and can also mess up your house with rainwater leaks.

What if you are living in warm desert area like Arizona? It hardly rains in the desert. Does your home need gutters? Why do you need to undergo the trouble of maintaining a gutter if you don’t anticipate its need?

Even Arizona and desert homes need gutters. Here’s why;

1. Rains come hard in Arizona.

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It does rain in Arizona. Just like any warm weathered regions, monsoon rains come to Arizona. These are the kind of rain that fall hard and continuously for hours, even days. If you don’t have gutters in place, your entire house could be several inches deep in rainwater after few hours of rain. Installed gutters can manage and direct rainwater appropriately.

2. Protect your home foundation.

Without gutters, rain will freely fall from the roof to the ground. If the ground underneath the eaves is soft, the rain will eventually dig a canal that could get deeper and affect your home’s foundation. If the ground is hard or cemented, waterfalls will bounce off it to your wall. This will lead to early rotting walls or water stains at the least.

 3. Protect your landscaping.

It is common to plant gardens right beside your house. Decorative bushes, brambles, and shrubs look good against the walls. But these will not withstand heavy rains, especially when placed right under the eaves. Building a gutter system can effectively direct the rain away from your plants and home.

4. Help collect rain water.

Ryan & Jonathan plant native wildflower seeds (California Poppy & Desert Bluebells) in anticipation of weekend rain.

It does rain in the desert, but not much. When it does rain in Arizona though, you can expect a heavy downpour. Collecting rainwater for future use is common and practical. Collected water can be used to water the plants or flush the toilet. A lot of Arizona homes have rain barrels installed for this purpose. Gutters are attached with downspouts that direct the water to the containers.

Many Arizona homes have more elaborate gutter systems. Aside from simply managing rainfall, it is also designed to collect, store, and distribute precious water. The excess rainwater can be channeled to water barrels or stored in the catchment area. These could be gutters that can hold water until harvested for use.


Another option is to create a ground holding area. It can be a concrete basin or a dammed area attached to the downspouts. Water can also be directed with the use of ditches, channels, or swales designed according to the pattern of the land and natural flow of water. Thus holding areas are usually in the lowest part of the ground.

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