Twelve Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor


Finding a professional to repair a roof in Phoenix can be a tiresome process full of contractors who might not be the best fit for the job. Indeed, when it comes to repairing Phoenix roofing, there is very little room for error or miscalculation. It can be the difference between a home full of pests and the natural elements, and one which fends off those things and is energy efficient, fully sustainable, and a joy to live in. Consumers need to know what to ask when hiring an Arizona roofing contractor; there are twelve key things that must be talked about and agreed upon before any job, no matter how big in size and scope, can begin the process of roof repair or replacement.

1. How long have you been in the business?

This is a key question to ask, as a roofing contractor is likely to be better and more efficient at the job if they’ve been on the job for a longer period of time. That’s not to say that amateur Arizona roof repair contractors should be punished, of course, but there is great peace of mind that comes from going with an experienced contractor.

2. Does my roof need repaired or entirely replaced?

Remember that not every roof problem will necessitate the replacement of the entire roof. Actually, most customers in Phoenix and the surrounding areas can probably have just a few shingles or tiles repaired and save a great deal of money in the process. That’s the benefit of the mostly-sunny weather and dry desert heat that characterizes life in the American southwest.

3. What’s wrong with the roof?

It is absolutely essential to know what is wrong with the roof itself, if only for personal reference and to see if multiple contractors agree that the problem is, for example, rotting supports or buckled shingles. Always get the diagnosis in writing, as this is the best way to hold a contractor accountable for their work and methods of repair or replacement.

4. How much will the job cost?

This is probably the first and most obvious question that any homeowner will ask, but it’s worth noting that it should be asked of multiple contractors before a job is given to any one of them. These contractors will fight for the business of homeowners who call them for a quote, and they’ll certainly indicate that their price is “flexible.” At least, the most reputable ones will.

5. How many people will it require to complete the job?

No one enjoys having a large crew of people making noise around and above their home at all hours of the daytime and evening. Be sure to understand how many people will be on the job and understand why it’s important and necessary to employ that many people for a repair.

6. What time do you plan to arrive and depart each day during the repair or replacement job?

This, too, is a quality of life issue when it comes to repairing or replacing a roof. Early arrivals can cut a restful night’s sleep short, and late departures can cut into valuable dinner or family time. Establish an agreeable work schedule and make sure it will be enforced.

7. What kind of warranty or guarantee comes with the service? Is it provided by you, the manufacturer, or both?

Roofing products are generally given a warranty of between fifteen and fifty years, depending on the materials and the method of installation. In some cases, contracting companies will double this protection with an independent warranty policy as long as they get to make the repair. Make sure to understand the terms and length of each program before the job begins.

8. Can you provide me with the manufacturer’s documentation and warranty for the product you’ll be using to repair or replace my roof?

Obtaining the manufacturer’s actual documents will make it plain how the warranty works, as well as show which additional materials and elements are needed for a sound roof repair or replacement. This is a key way to hold contractors accountable for their methods and materials.

9. Can I have contact information for your general manager or the owner of the contracting business itself?

It’s important to discuss the repair with a general manager or business owner, especially because this is the first line of defense (or, indeed, offense) if a job goes awry or if a repair turns out to be faulty.

10. What will be installed or replaced as part of this process?

It’s absolutely essential to know what is being done on the home’s roof, which items will be replied, and how the process will actually proceed while a homeowner is away at work, out on errands, or otherwise unable to monitor the process and make sure it’s going according to plan.

11. What unforeseen problems could arise during this repair, if any?

Sometimes, a contractor proceeds to replace or repair a roof and discovers at the roofing materials themselves have rotted and that they’ll have to greatly increase the scale of the repair. Understand what pitfalls could arise when the repair actually begins, merely as a way to brace for any additional costs or “worst-case scenarios.”

12. What happens if you take longer to complete this job than we originally agreed to?

Contracting jobs don’t always finish on time, so it’s good to understand what will happen in terms of payment, compensation, or other agreeable items if the job takes a few days or weeks longer than the original estimate. This is especially true if unforeseen problems have been discovered with roofing materials or supports.

Be Knowledgeable and Enjoy Fair Treatment.

Contractors have a bad reputation, and it’s largely due to a few bad apples which have, proverbially speaking, spoiled the whole bunch. Most contractors are prompt, highly skilled, efficient, and ready to get the job done ahead of schedule. It’s impossible to know that, however, without asking the right questions. Using the twelve questions presented above, determine if a contractor is worth his fee and proceed with optimistic caution.

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26 thoughts on “Twelve Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

  1. This is a comprehensive list of questions that you should ask before hiring a roofing company. I liked the question that asks for proper documentation on the warranty of the roof. I feel that a lot of people don’t ask to see the legal papers and just take the word of the company.

  2. We offer a unique format for quoting and invoicing. We will bid on your job as to what it will cost us in days, weeks or months. This way you can see what you pay for every day your job progresses. Are time is spent undertaking all of the tasks to complete the job from getting City permits to picking up materials. All costs incurred are invoiced back to you at cost! This can save you hundreds or thousands depending on the size of your project.

  3. My customers usually ask me most of the above questions. Today when people come to you to get a job done they come fully prepared. They have done their research and cannot be fooled. Any business reputation thrives on quality work and customer satisfaction.

  4. These are definitely important questions to ask. I recently had a roofing contractor come out to my house to tell me what I could possibly do for a new roof. I used a few of these questions and they helped me see what kind of contractor they were. It’s always a good idea to know who you’ll be hiring.

  5. I never would have thought to ask them when they will arrive to work on my roof. That would really be annoying if they were making a ton of noise while I was sleeping. I’ll keep that in mind.

  6. I am getting my roof replaced this summer. I thought I had researched roof quite a bit. But I didn’t know questions 8. I will definitely have to ask my contractor that.

  7. Very useful topic . Repairing roof is really very costly. If not done without considering all the thing is mentioned here ,then it will make a hole in our pocket also if the contractor is not well experienced and reputed then it may cause irrecoverable harm to roof. Please tell me what raw materials are used. I want to know how do you charge and when do you collect fees. I think winter is best time to carry out this job.

  8. These are all great questions to ask before hiring a roofing contractor! I would recommend checking out a minimum of 3 companies before making a decision.

  9. That’s a good idea to ask multiple companies about an estimate for the roofing job. On first thought, it seemed a little odd to ask different places about the job without saying that we would actually hire them, but it’s a part of the process. Now that I’ve thought about it, I’m sure most companies are used to that. While we’re at it, we’ll ask about warrantees and documentation.

  10. Another question to ask is whether or not the roofing company will take work in progress photos of the roof at all stages replacement. That will help you see exactly what was done and also makes it easier for the company to explain the quality of their work.

  11. Thank you for posting these great questions. I agree that you need to know what the cost is going to be. I think different companies will offer different services, so it it important to weigh the pros and cons between each company. I would also ask if there are any hidden costs that could come up down the road just to be prepared.

  12. This is a lot of great advice, I particularly like what you’ve said under tip number six about working out an agreeable work schedule. This is especially important if you’re a family with small children; you wouldn’t want the contractor to be banging on the roof when you’re trying to put your kids to bed early. It also helps to make sure that, in addition to understanding the work schedule, they understand how important it is to clean up after each day of work. After all, you wouldn’t want one of your kids to step on a nail while they’re playing in the yard.

  13. I appreciate these questions listed of what one should ask a roofing contractor. It is good to know if a warranty or guarantee were included with the service. This would give an added assurance of quality work. Something else to consider would be to find someone local to make finishing the job more convenient.

  14. My wife and I have been talking about replacing our roof for a long time now. I like the idea of doing it to increase our home’s resale value, so we are going to go ahead with our plan. We don’t have a roofing contractor yet, so this list is really helpful. I like that you mentioned to ask how many people are going to be working on the job so you can plan accordingly. I will need to be able to manage the noise for my small children.

  15. Finding if your roof simply needs to be repaired or entirely replaced would be a good thing to discover when talking with a roofing contractor. It would be best to determine the most cost effective option. Something else to think about would be to hire a contractor who is experienced in working with your shingle type.

  16. We are looking at hiring a roofer to help us with an upcoming roof replacement project. It’s important to find someone reliable and experienced to do the job right. These are some great questions to ask in order to ensure a good experience with a company. I hadn’t thought about asking how many people would be required to complete the job. Thanks for sharing!

  17. After a recent rain storm, we discovered that there is a couple of leaks in our roof. We are wanting to hire a contractor to come and repair it, but before we do we want to know how to find the right one. I like how you suggest that we ask them if our roof just needs to be repaired or replaced completely; this will help us know if we need to budget for a few shingles or a whole new roof. Thanks for the insight!

  18. I like that you mentioned to find out what kind of warranty a roofing company offers on their service and products. That way, you can know they will stand by their work and fix any issues that arise in the future. I want to have a new roof installed, so I am trying to find the right roofing company to handle it. These tips should definitely help, I will remember to ask these things as I interview roofers.

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