Best Flat Roof Materials for Arizona Homes

Four of every ten homes in Arizona feature flat roofs. Others have low-pitched roofs, while steeply pitched roofs are rare. The adobe style or flat roofs complement the warm and dry and often windy Arizona. The state also doesn’t have to deal with the weight of ice and snow. Flat roofs use the least roofing area, while pitched roofs more than double the area of a flat roof. Roofs absorb heat during warm days, heating the interior of homes as well. In warm and tropical places like Arizona, every cooling opportunity is essential.

Best Options of Flat Roofing in Arizona

In the early days, adobe and mud were used to construct houses. Walls, floors, and roofs were made of adobe. A lot of homes in Arizona still feature this building material. However, innovations have given way to better, lighter, and sturdier roofing materials. Here are three of the best roofing options for flat roofs in Arizona;

adobe roof arizona

The Tar and Gravel Roof

This is the common and one of the oldest materials used for flat roofs. The roofing system is also referred to as the build-up roof. A tar and gravel roof is build-up by layering of roof felt, coated with bitumen. The surface of the roof is then covered with fine gravel that will function is its shield from the heat of the sun.

The Modified Roofing System

This is the most affordable flat roofing system. The modified flat roofing system is also called the torch on or torch down roofing as it uses torches to melt down rubber. It features a fiberglass base sheet, and then topped with rolled roofing that has rubber underneath and granules on top. The rubber material is heated with torches for it to melt and stick to the fiberglass base. This type of flat roofing is also the least expensive option.

Foam roof

The Foam Roof

Although foam roofing is one of the most expensive types of flat roofing options, it has increasingly grown in popularity because of its functionality and energy-efficiency. Over 90% of all flat roofs in Arizona are sprayed with polyurethane foam. Changing to foam roofs is quick and easy as there is no need to remove the existing roof. Foam coverings are waterproof, light, easy to maintain, and includes an elastomeric material that screens off ultraviolet rays from the sun.

What makes Foam the Best Flat Roofing Option in Arizona?

foam flat roof arizona

Roofers in Arizona recommend foam as the best option for flat roofing in warm and sunny areas like Phoenix, Arizona. It is water tight, a great insulation from the heat, and with regular recoating and maintenance, it can last up to 25 years before needing replacement. Roofers can easily install it over your existing roof. Foam roofing is costly, but because it effectively insulates your home from the heat of the sun, you can save on energy bills in the long run.

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