Pros and Cons of Using Tile Roofs for Arizona Homes

White Stucco House with Spanish Tile Roof

Tile roofs are common in Arizona, New Mexico, and other warm areas. A bright red clay tile roof is synonymous to sun, cactus, Spanish, and comfort. It is the oldest form of roofing material and has been used to protect houses from the elements since the Roman times. Today, aside from the clay tiles, there are other types of tile roofing, the sand-cast and concrete tiles.

Benefits of Using Tile Roofing in Arizona

1. Long lasting – Tile roofs are one of the most enduring roofing materials available. Well preserved century old houses still come with their tile roofs intact. Tiles roofs can last an average of 50 years, but there are many Arizona homes with its original tile roofs that are closer to 100 years.

House with tiled roof

2. Good looking – Nothing beats the warmth and rustic elegance of authentic tile roofs. Although colors are primarily earth tones, they compliment the natural settings and home architecture and design.

3. Fireproof – Clay, concrete, and sand tiles do not catch fire.

4. Resistant to deterioration –Hardened clay only gets harder as it gets exposed to more heat. It is also safe from termites, insects, and mildew infiltration.

Drawbacks of Using Tile Roofing in Arizona

1. Costly – Tile roofs are expensive. Aside from the tiles, you will also spend on the building of a strong underlayment. Although tiles could last long, its underlayment needs to be repaired, reinforced, and replaced every now and then.

2. Heavy – Clay and sand-cast tile roofing are heavy. Although new innovations on manufacturing concrete tiles enable to design thinner and lighter tiles, it is still heavier than other types of roofing materials. Aside from professional tile roofers, you will also need a structural engineering to design the underlayment that is sturdy enough to hold your roof.

3. Fragile – Tiles are hard and strong and could withstand heat, cold, and rain. However, they can also easily break under great pressure like large hail, earthquakes, or fallen trees. You will need to replace cracked or broken tiles immediately in order to preserve an airtight roof.

replace roof tiles on a village house in Cyprus (10)

4. Maintenance work – Regular checks on the roof is necessary to ensure its good condition. Broken tiles should be immediately replaced. However, as tiles are fragile, it can break under a man’s weight. Thus, only expert roofers should check and repair tile roofs to avoid further damage.

And then there is the matter of underlayment replacement that should be done around every ten years. To replace the underlayment, the tiles should first be removed, and then the underlayment is replaced or fixed. After fixing the underlayment, the workers will then replace back the tiles.

Overall tile roofing is a smart choice for a Phoenix, Arizona roof. Having a tile roof will increase the value of your AZ home, increasing your ability to sell it in this tough market.

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