Four Roofing Scams to Avoid

Roofs are an expensive part of the home, and the industry is known for its fair share of scams and deceptions. Homeowners can save money and ensure a quality job when he or she is informed before consulting a local roofing contractor. Here are four common scams that are found in the roof repair business and the how to avoid them.

1. Roof replacements that are not needed.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common materials used by an Arizona roofing company. They are engineered to last for at least two decades, and replacing a roof is an expensive job. Homeowners can inspect a roof from the ground with binoculars. Shingles that need to be replaced usually curl up and get brittle. Replacing a roof before its time is a common sales deception that leads to expensive jobs.

2. Removing stained shingles.

Lots of homes in the Phoenix area are subject to algae. This is very similar to the plants that grow in oceans and ponds. The algae will often grow on the sunny side of a roof and may lead to stained and discolored shingles. Some Phoenix roofing companies insist on replacing stained shingles. This is not necessary and is an expensive job. The roofing industry has several products that are designed to kill the algae and remove the stains. Some products are available in local home stores and easily attach to the end of a garden hose. Homeowners can sit on the ground and apply the algaecide or trust a professional to finish the job.

3. Extra Repairs.

Estimates are usually given for free, and most experts encourage homeowners to get at least three different quotes. Estimates do not cover any rotten wood that is encountered during the job. This can lead to costly repairs and change orders that raise the original estimate. Contracts should clearly state the amount to be paid in the event of unforeseen damages. Homeowners may also want to look at the damage in person before agreeing to the repairs. Binoculars are a great way to see roofs from the ground. Replacing rotten wood is needed sometimes, and most contractors charge by the hour.

4. Storm Chasers.

After large storms, most homeowners are rightfully concerned about their building. An Arizona roofing company offers a number of ways for residents to be sure that their property is in great shape. Most roof repairs are covered homeowner’s insurance, and having an inspection is the proactive way to address damage. A Phoenix roofing company offers routine inspections and preventive maintenance. These professionals can schedule convenient times and inspect a roof after a storm. This is a great way to check for damage without feeling pressured to sign a contract. Many roofing companies make solicitations after a storm, and having a professional inspection is the affordable way to see what repairs are really needed.

Homeowners can rely on a licensed and insured Arizona roofing company to ensure their property is protected. The roof repair industry is filled with competent professionals, but a few unscrupulous contractors give the field a bad name. Most contractors offer quality service and guarantee their work. Having homes inspected on a regular basis is the proactive approach and can actually help save money.

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2 thoughts on “Four Roofing Scams to Avoid

  1. We had 3 estimates recently by “popular” roofing companies in Scottsdale…two of them said “roof is not up to code.” When asked later what code they were referring to, they avoided us like the plague and couldn’t answer and hemmed and hawed. These two roofers wanted several thousands of dollars to replace the whole roof, stating the tiles were not “staggered” and “up to code.” Yet, every house in the development has the same roof.

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