Arizona Roof Color – How to Choose

Research has shown that your roof has a profound impact on how easy or difficult your home is to cool. The right Arizona roofing option will reflect light and heat away from your property, and that makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient. If you live in Arizona, you want to choose a roof color that will help you save money on cooling bills, and here are a few smart choices to consider.


Avoid Dark Roofs

Dark mocha brown may look sharp against your cream siding, but it will drive the temperature of your house up. If the outside temperature is 95 degrees, then your roof can reach a sizzling 150 to 175 degrees. In addition to heating the inside of your home, this also contributes the heat island effect encountered in urban Phoenix dwellings. The dark colors may look great, but they will make you miserable when AZ temperatures start climbing.

White Roofs are Energy Efficient

If you live in a hot area like Phoenix, then a white roof could be your best friend. White roofs stay cooler than dark ones, and that’s good news for your home. Solar gain and heat retention are minimized when you choose a roof that will release heat and help your house stay cool and comfortable.

Alternatives to White

If you don’t like the idea of a white roof, there are a few alternatives to consider. Most light colors will help you keep the home energy efficient. The best choices are extremely light and include tan, cream and gray. Remember that the darker the roof color becomes, the higher your energy bills will wind up.

Special Coatings

Asphalt shingles can break down under the heat of the Arizona sun, so you should invest in shingles with special coatings. The coating makes the shingles more reflective to keep the heat out of your home, and the coating will also protect them from the intense heat of the Phoenix sun.

Switch to Metal

Another option is to switch to a metal roof. Basic metal roofs naturally reflect solar radiation to help your house stay cool. You can also choose metal with a special coating that allows absorbed heat inside the structure to pass through the metal to the outside of your home. These roofing materials allow you to drastically lower energy bills by keeping up to 90% of the external heat from entering through the roof and attic space. As with shingles, it’s important to choose lighter colors to help the home stay cool when the mercury is rising.

When investing in a new roof in any hot weather climate, it’s important to consider the average temperatures in your area. You want a roof that will release heat and even reflect it away from the home. Keeping more heat out of the dwelling will allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently, allowing you to save money on cooling bills and extend the life of your unit. It all starts by choosing light colored or even metal roofs when it’s time for a change on your home.

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